Book Review: Holy Herbs

Title: Holy Herbs
Author: Sudhir Ahluwalia
Genre: Non- Fiction, Science, History
Source: Review Copy
Publisher: Rupa Publications



With the growing trend towards ‘organic’ products and ‘coming back to nature’ worldwide, the rising interest in herbs and herbal remedies, in culinary use, health products, medicine, cosmetics and religious rituals is not surprising. A wide audience shares the fascination for Mother Earth’s generous bounty.
Herbs have a long history and find a mention in ancient texts. Do herbal products have relevance in modern medicine, such as in the treatment of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and so on?
This book explores the historical, cultural, religious and scientific connection between the East and the West. With the author’s exposure to forestry training and research and knowledge drawn from the Bible, perhaps one of the biggest references for herbs, Holy Herbs stands at the right spot for tracing a global history of herbs from ancient to modern times.



I started reading this book a few weeks back but couldn’t

Book Review: The Surrogate Lies

Title: The Surrogate Lies
Author: Shantanu Munshi
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fiction
Publisher: Half Baked Beans Publishing
Review copy

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Book Review: Tides Don’t Cross

Title: Tides Don’t Cross
Author: Simar Malhotra
Genre: Fiction, Drama
Publisher: Rupa Publications
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Book Review: The Kaafir’s Love

Title: The Kaafir’s Love
Author: Abhisar Sharma
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Romance
Source: Review Copy
Publisher: Rupa Publications

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