Get To Know Me

Me: Ditssha Gupta

What I do: Click pictures, run a bakery (Legateau India), work as an Assistant Director, run around, study, sarcastic commenting and many more things

What I love:  All the things mentioned above plus traveling, eating, sleeping, writing, Charles Bukowski, collecting diaries, cooking, blah blah

What I study: History

Where I study: Delhi University

I am a perfect example of what an Aquarius is like. I am a crazy and weird mixture of human and alien, it is totally up to you people to decide my category. I love cooking and feeding whom I love. Photography I love, dance..especially Indian Classical which is in my DNA, watching and making movies, love it! History interesting, love MAHABHARATA, sleep important, travel a must. So basically, on this blog you all will get a touch of here and there!

Let’s see how much you like my weirdness! 😀

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