Being a Bengali, a curse or a boon?

Since I was little, whenever I used to say that I am Bengali, ever one used to say “Oh! Roshogolla, very creative people you are!” and I used to think why would they say something like that. As I grew up, I started working and my interest grew mostly towards art. media, writing, etc. I started focusing on photography and my writing all the more, working under my mother, doing internships, blah blah. Now when I think about those people, it’s difficult to say whether they were right or wrong.

Yeh Delhi hai meri jaan!!

Delhi being my birthplace, I never had any Bengali friend and I am very happy about it since I can’t get along with them at all. Being in a non-Bengali thought-process family, for me, it became easier to take risks, unlike the typical Bongs! I started my own Home-baker, Le gateau India which includes both sweet and savory food. The kya be saale has been much more comfortable than shona…seriously eew, who says stuff like that!

If I go against Bengalis then I would say, 99% bongs can be categorized as lazy, non-risk-takers, few of them are pseudo-intellectuals, growing beard makes them Rabindranath, taking about Netaji’s heroism makes them feel strong even though they are bunch of cowards, there is soo much to say but hard to finish.

Park Street, Kolkata

Being a boon would compromise of creative thinking, innovative ideas, creativity inborn, few write good, few sings well, all of them are a foodie, Durga puja (woow), roaming around in Kolkata still gives you the British Era feeling. It’s fun having a bong friend.

If I start talking about it, it will go on and on and on and on. But for me, I like being a Bong but limited, I love Punjabi’s more :P.  I am a born diliwali, get a bong friend and decide yourself! 😀

Je Baat!






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