Santa is coming close!

Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the waaay!

Ditsha’s Photography

Ho Ho Ho! I am at the very moment in Kolkata working on a big project. Being here during the Christmas time, I thought why not write something about it. So as we all know that this place was the main centre for the Britishers, being the country’s capital till 1912, thus Kolkata has been the hub of all the festivities of the British era. The way Delhiites celebrate Diwali, the same way Kolkata people celebrates Christmas.

Park Street

Since the ruling of the Britishers till the Independence and even now, Christmas is a festival celebrate with a great ethos. The streets are filled with beautiful lights like little diamonds scattered all over Kolkata. The central Kolkata which is called Park Street still gives you the feel of the old times with the same old-fashioned way of decorations during Christmas.


The Bakeries are filled with delicious, mouth-watering goodies. The Plum Cakes are super moist with good chunks of dried fruits. You will get the delicious smell of the feast cooked at home. The entire Anglo-Indian area in Kolkata feels like the United Kingdom. It is an experience and I am loving it!





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