Movie Time, Miss Marple!



Movie: Miss Marple, By the Pricking of my Thumbs

The day before last night, I got free from work soon so we came back home early. It was late to go out but it was too early to sleep as well so we all decided to watch a classic movie which we haven’t seen yet. So we chose, Miss Marple, Pricking my Thumb. 

Miss Marple portrayed by Geraldine Mcewan

The story was simply amazing, crisp, very different, amazing cast, what great actors, truly amazing. Miss Marple is a fictional character like Sherlock Holmes, a detective created by Agatha Christie. In the movie, Miss Marple role has been portrayed by Geraldine Mcewan, the sweet, charming, intuitive, cute character has been well expressed by Geraldine.


The story line is basically a murder mystery where Miss Marple joins forces with Tommy and Tuppence Beresford to find the murderer of Tommy’s Aunt Ada. A simple story but the twists and turns are simply breath-taking. When Tommy and Tuppence visit an elderly aunt in her nursing home, Tuppence is concerned by the odd behavior of some staff and residents. So when Tuppence hears about Aunt Ada’s sudden death and the disappearance of her friend Mrs. Lancaster, she realizes her concerns were right. Tuppence meets Miss Marple and together they follow a path of clues that lead them to the Norfolk village of Farrell St Edmund, where they find a community guarding an array of secrets. Only by getting to the bottom of these secrets do they begin to unravel the truth about the mystery of Aunt Ada’s death and Mrs. Lancaster’s disappearance.

A must watch for all the mystery lovers! 😀


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