Work time laziness


Working on the Subtitles

Since the Ray’s Apu documentary which is about the legendary actor Soumitra Chatterjee, is about to be screened at Mandi House, along with a Hindi play, Apu Trilogy which is based on Oscar awardee Satyajit Ray’s amazing trilogy called Apu Trilogy, the workload is shooting up high!

The final editing is happening in Kolkata for which I am assisting my mother Ipshita, who is the director a.k.a ‘the main brain’ of this amazing work. Days are passing at a huge speed with work overload. The documentary is taking its shape and the final structure is coming out to be breathtaking.

My job, as usual, is to assist and learn as much as I can. Building myself is the main thing at the moment for which I am focusing on entirely. I have been witnessing the magical work of the editors who have been working on the documentary. It is so much fun and an experience worth experiencing once in a lifetime. Regular visits to the studio, meeting up new people and roaming the streets of Kolkata is such an amazing job.

At the very moment, I am working on the Subtitles of the documentary. It is one of a hectic task. The minute details of words with the confusing addition of the timeline gives a twist making it painful but highly interesting work. After exhausting myself to the core, I thought why not share my little experience with you all with a cup of tea in my hand. ๐Ÿ˜€


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