Merry christmas!


Writer’s Hub :p

All the humans and animals living on this planet earth plus any other planet as well, WISH YOU A MEERRRY CHHHRISTMAAAAAS!!

This is an amazing time for all the newbie and oldie love birds for all the dates and presents since New year also comes along with it as an added bonus. For singles like us, it’s the same old routine of having coffee and watching Nigella Lawson, not that it’s bad..just not much fun! But ya family time makes it lovely.

Let’s see what my friends are doing, few going here and there, my close friends are like me, okay-okay friends are god knows what doing, other few will be sleeping! Thus in a way, my best friends are in a state like me. Don’t know how they will react during the festive time. All I know I will be hibernating since Christmas and New Year can become a drag if not spent properly with your close friends especially your best friends!

Hope to see you all soon! ๐Ÿ˜€ :*


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