Kolkata and tea, the internal bond


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Kolkata and Tea go hand in hand. The internal bond of Kolkata-people with tea has always been a thing to discuss. Being a Delhiite, having a good cup of tea from the street has always been a big issue. The Delhi tea-stalls are usually very milky with highly less amount of tea leaves which makes it taste weird. There are very few stalls where I can find good, delicious tea which awakens me. The “good” tea is usually found in the “expensive” stores or stalls like Chayoos or JaagMug Thela.

On the other hand, staying in Kolkata for the past 15 days has made me come in contact with so many different types of teas which makes my day way too much better. The tea-stalls here are hanging around in every other corner of the street. The cups are little and cute, it’s like a single sip and the tea is over. Bongs, without a doubt, are known to be Tea-lovers, thus they drink a lot making the cups are cute and tiny.

Ditsha’s Clicks

Another thing which adds up to the tea is the added snacks. In Bengali, we say, “cha-ta khabe” which is tea and snacks. The ‘cha‘ means tea and the ‘ta‘ is the snacks which are usually some sort of yummy chop or cutlets or even the delicious tea-cakes. They are all available on the road side stalls. Yummy, Yum!

Darjeeling and Assam being nearer to Kolkata, the Bengalis receive all the good tea of different sorts. Aroma, taste, flavor, with milk or without..you can find it all! If anyone ever plans to wander around the streets of Kolkata, most advisable: taste the roadside tea!



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