Movie time, Miss Marple- part 2!

Agatha Christie’s Marple: The Moving Finger

Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple

Lately, I kinda got hooked with murder mysteries. On our way back from Kolkata, I and Ma carried a bag full of movies and books. Mostly classics (since Ma loves collecting them, an addiction best described as) and the books were all related to India’s past, Mahabharata period (another addiction of Ma but I would included myself as well). Whenever we get free time during the night, we convert our home into a theater and start watching one movie after another. So, this time, our pick of the night was another movie of Miss Marple!

I liked this movie a little better than the previous one even though the last one was also amazing. This one was all the more interesting. A bit slow but worth waiting till the end 😀


Miss Marple: The Moving Finger

So, the story starts with a troubled war veteran Jerry Burton and his sister Joanna travel to a village Lymstock in order to help Jerry recover from his injuries after his accident on a motorbike. But the sister thinks that it was not an accident, it was due to Jerry’s alcoholism. After settling down they decide to meet their neighbors and other families since they would be staying for a longer period of time, making friends shouldn’t be a bad idea! Much to their surprise, they find themselves tangled up like tango dancers in the middle of scandal and secrets; someone is sending villainous, poison-pen letters to the residents. A local dignitary has already taken his own life over the letters and it’s not long before local gossip Mona Symington also commits suicide after receiving a letter. But when the letter-writer apparently resorts to murder, Jerry finds his curiosity stoked despite himself, and he’s not the only one; Miss Jane Marple is also in Lymstock, and she’s decided that it’s long past time someone got to the bottom of this unpleasant business.

Pheeeww!! Why not watch the movie and get to know what exactly happened? Trust me, the end is very interesting and highly unpredictable! Let me know how you all liked 🙂




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