As Lost as Alice, As Mad as Hatter!

Why I chose this name for my blog!


Ditsha’s Diaries was the starting point. I love writing about different things no doubt about it but the name ‘Ditsha’s Diaries’ I thought, was nothing that unique. My name is unique (thanks to my mother) but adding up “diaries” was too bland. So I thought something more meaningful and innovative should have been the blog name. I wanted to play with two words, ‘magical‘ and ‘crazy‘. I always liked the word ‘bewitch‘ cause I thought it kinda suited my personality, it’s dictionary meaning is ‘casting a spell over someone’ (which I mostly do :p) and in other sense, people usually addresses the beautiful and magical personalities as ‘bewitch‘. Being an Aquarius, this trait is in me, thus few of my friends used to compare me with ‘Sabrina the witch‘. After looking and searching for hours, I came up with this name “Bewitchingly Paranoid”


When I started working on the word ‘crazy‘, I in one go got the best-described word for me, ‘paranoid‘. This ‘crazy‘ word got attached with me since the time my sister, didi started to call me ‘pagal ladki!‘ :p

If you’re looking for perfection I’m not the woman for you. If you’re looking for honesty, loyalty & a whole bunch of crazy that’s all me!

Thus for me these two words really worked, they really described me. As Lost as Alice and As Mad as Hatter! The Alice in wonderland, that’s me. I am crazily crazy and at the same time beautifully  magical, the perfect blend of a freak and unpredictability, in one line…BEWITCHINGLY PARANOID!




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