For the love of Diaries!

College stress shooting high with everyday tests and assignments submissions. Same as usual, I sat down around 1:00 am (my study time) to look through my piles of books with a great motivation of opening Interpreting Medieval India by Vipul Singh and start studying. As I was going through my cupboards, I realized that I have more diaries and random books than I have college books. The diaries I have are all different in color, matter, look. I always wondered whether I have any ‘collecting things’ hobby, and finally, I was happy to know that I have. I LOVE COLLECTING DIARIES AND BOOKS!


Every single person living on this or any other planet has an attraction towards something or the other. Some get addicted to smoking weed or heroin, others get addicted with Jack Daniel’s or Southern Comfort! Addiction for everyone is different. Those who cannot afford all these sorts ends up getting hooked on collecting Stamps or movie CDs or bags, collecting different currencies is very common as well (my Mama had that hobby).

Reason behind addiction: 

Psychologically speaking, the need for people to have “an object of desire” sums up to be the main reason behind this whole addiction thing. People can be addicted to puffing or boozing, or they can be addicted to “humans” (which is very common), or in my case- diaries & books. People usually collect “things” that they love since no one can “collect” the people they like :p


Why I chose to collect Diaries & Books:

Since I was small, I always loved writing things. Be it story or school work or in that matter, copying notes from my friends, I enjoyed writing. Diaries gave me the extra pages to pin down my thoughts and imaginations. This habit of mine came from my mother who was a journalist one time and her write-ups are wooooah!

Out of all the diaries I have, the one I love the most is the one I bought from Janpath.

My favorite diary

So this diary has a leather cover with handmade sheets inside. The thread around it is black which covers the diary and makes it all the more rustic. The vintage look can be seen and felt. The design on the cover is engraved creating an old look. The engraved OM looks stunning and the feel of writing on the handmade papers makes you feel like you are Rabindranath Tagore or Shakespeare yourself 🙂



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