Feels amazing to be back! Realizations, being positive, faith & belief!

Hola all!


Well it has been a loooong while since I have posted any blog. Things have been going pretty crazy lately and being stuck with the craziness I couldn’t get the proper time to write anything. So sorry for that, I hope I will be able to catch up 🙂

So where to start from uum! Oh the event ‘A Tribute to Soumitra Chatterjee’ was a success. Good things, bad things, all happened with there added twists and turns. I would say a total tornado ride has been going on but no doubt it has been an experience. Lately I started reading ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne, that book is amaazing! Teaches you a lot and also helps you to win over many situations.

Thoughts become things!

by Mike Dooley

You are born, you become older, you face problems, you meet new people who becomes your lifeline, people whom you already know becomes closer than ever. Good experience, bad experience, learning lessons, becoming better, doing bad, so much of work. It becomes so exhausting that you forget how you got tangled up in all these things. Track back to day one, do you remember? Obviously not! But do you remember how you met your new friends, how was your first day in college, how was the wedding of the blah blah or when you had that first delicious smoothie. You always remember the beginning of the good part but always forget the start of a bad part, isn’t it?

You don’t remember what made your friendship with that same person go bad, you don’t remember how your attendance got so low or why you got a horrible news after that same wedding..nothing, we all start blaming this or that or this person or that person. I don’t know about you all there but at least I did that when I think now. Fear of loosing that amazing bond with your friend, not giving importance to college or keeping your foot down when needed, not caring about the consequences. All these sums up to the issues or crazy problems that you are facing. I din’t understand this from the book ‘The Secret’, I knew this from the start and so did you, but we never really accept it, do we?

Believing involves thinking, talking and acting as though you have already received.

-the Secret 

Maybe that fear of loosing your friends made you so over possessive for them that it become bothersome. I mean who wouldn’t feel suffocated answering the same question over and over again just cause you don’t believe your luck of finally having good friends, I know I will (I m not telling you only, I did the same 😦 merp!) And now you go crazy thinking why I did it! It’s not that things were going bad, no, they were great, you who made it bad (in this case, it is going to be ‘me’.)

Who asked you to miss college when you know how important it is. No one forced you, just cause they all had ‘puppy eyes’ doesn’t mean you will not give importance to your priorities. Now see what happened! (nothing like that but oh god yes it is now a huuge headache).

Things were all going great and running smoothly but stupid fear, doubts, carelessness or what not made things go craaaaaaaaazy! All these being said, the question that arises is how to deal with the situation! Well, what I know is that what has been done has been done, so instead of fretting about it or complaining or loosing your head about it, what one can or should do is ‘let it go.‘ Can you do a time-travel and change the situation? You wish but you can’t, face the reality dude! Think positive about everything will be fine is going to be what everyone will say but how long can you do that? At one point you will think, ‘fuck it! nothing is happening, everything is stupid, blah blah.


Think it, Feel it, Receive it

-the Secret

All I will say is that, face the reality, accept it and be okay with it. Yes you screwed up but once you accept it, you are ready to change the situation, start meditating, my mother used to say but I never bothered about it. Now I highly recommend it 🙂 It will help you to keep your calm. Start thinking positive, give a breathing space to the screwed up situation. And you should thank the higher power, universe, inner self, guru whoever you believe, thank them for anything and everything, it helps (it helps me). And with all these, start being positive, I ain’t saying unrealistic positive, be realistic positive. Have faith in your belief. Whatever you believe in, stay with that and keep calm! I know my situations are gonna get amazingly fine, just stay put people! 😀

Ooh Oh another thing, do read the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne , it is amazing, it has been helping me a lot lately! 😀





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