Traveling around the Indian Medieval time

So it all started with the usual college work routine. You all know I have a deep interest in the History of India, it is so vast that anyone can get lost in it (I totally do!). I am currently working on an assignment which revolves around the Medieval Period of India. Well, Indian history has many categories, what I will be discussing about today is the Delhi Sultanate. Boring for many, interesting for few! (I hope :D)

Topic: How Sultan Balban became the Don Vito Corleone of the Delhi Sultanate!



So, this person Balban was not really a king in the starting, he was basically bought by Iltumish and later due to his mind strategies and intelligence he started rising up in his position. Not to forget, his political involvement was very sly, therefore he could rise up very easily. But when Sultan Nasiruddin (not the Bollywood one, Delhi Sultanate one :p) won over the throne, Balban became very devoted to him (weirdly). As time was ticking away, Nasiruddin started favoring Balban and they become close, so close that Sultan Nasiruddin ended up marrying one of Balban’s daughter and also tied the knot between one of his sons with another daughter of Balban. They became loving families. In 1266 when Sultan Nasiruddin died, booooom! Balban became the next Sultan a.k.a Godfather!

Don Vito Corleone

Literally, he becomes the Godfather as he started applying rules which made him equivalent to the divine power and all those things. Basically that high pitched voice you heard in the movie Jodha Akbar by Ashutosh Gowarikar, HOSHIYAR! JALALUDDIN AKBAR was invented by Balban only! He was a lavish affair, the money he used to spend on his attire, his soldiers and bodyguards attire, woah! But no doubt, during his reign, Hindustan was doing good but obviously not as good as Chandragupta’s period but still, pretty good!

He is not the only one, many are there with their own twists and crankiness. I will come up with few more topics like these, lemme know if you all like! Comment and like! 😀 Thanks, all 🙂





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