Book Review: Karna’s Wife, the outcast queen

Karna’s Wife: The Outcast’s Queen

Karna, the hero who was never recognised. I always had an attraction for Karna since a very young age. Whenever my grandfather would tell me the story of Mahabharata, I would wait for Karna to enter the story. All the television series that was released related to Mahabharata, the only person I would look for was Karna. He was the perfect person and sadly hated by all. For the love of my favourite character, it was natural that I would be attracted to this book by Kavita Kane, which has been written wonderfully.


The book surrounds mainly three characters: Uruvi, Karna and Varushali. Although, Varushali is not the main but she is an important being in Karna’s life. The story revolves around Karna through the eyes of his second wife, Uruvi. When she first saw Karna, she knew that he was the only person with whom she will spend the rest of her life with. By going against her family she invited Karna for her swayamvar , rejecting Arjuna to whom she was promised, leaving behind everyone and choosing the path of darkness and insult, she chose the man she loved, Karna. Choosing a sutaputra over Arjuna, Uruvi has to accept the social implications of her marriage and learn how to use her love and intelligence to be accepted by Karna and his family. As the years pass, she becomes the mainstay, counsellor , and guide of Karna. Varushali, on the other hand, accepts that Karna was never her. She accepts that he was firstly devoted to Duryodhan knowing he was wrong and then to Uruvi because he fell in love.

Surya-putra Karna


As you unfold the pages, the story of Uruvi and Karna also unfolds talking about the struggle between Kauravas and Pandavas. From the start of Draupadi’s Insult where a righteous man like Karna looses his patience to the end of the war, Uruvi notices Karna’s fate and knowing nothing can be done, she lets every second count. Varushali lets Uruvi and Karna to remain together without interfering and staying with herself. How Uruvi reacts knowing the truth about Karna’s life, his very being, his thirst for recognition, how will she be able to take care of Karna as well as herself? Should she accept the wrong side or should she be with the righteous one? the struggle and fight make there love to grow stronger and their life harder.

A gripping book. Once you start, you cannot leave it. The more you read, the more you will fall in love with Karna. For all those who already adore him, it surely is a must read. I am grateful to Kavita Kane for writing such aa wonderful book. Will soon buy her other books, Sita’s Sisters and Menaka’s Choice

Rating: star-512star-512star-512star-512star-512

About the Author:

KavitaKaneA senior journalist with a career of over two decades, which includes working for Magna publication and DNA, she quit her job as Assistant Editor of Times of India to devote herself as a full-time author. Karna’s Wife her first novel was a bestseller. Her second novel was Sita’s Sister and lastly, Menaka’s Choice.




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