Why Krishna chose Arjuna

Statue of Krishna and Arjuna in Rishikesh

We all must have surely heard about the great Mahabharata. We all know that Pandu Putra Arjuna was favourite of Govind. We have grown up hearing the stories and the bravery of both of them. Arjuna’s warrior skills are said to be higher than all, no one could match him. Krishna’s strategies and upliftment of righteousness are still now being applied in our life. But the question arises, why was Arjuna the chosen one?

Arjuna was the third son of Pandu and Kunti through the blessings of Indra Dev. Arjuna, since his younger times have been the best archer and under the guidance of Guru Dronacharya, he became invincible. Guru Drona’s own son, Ashwathamma, disliked the fact that his own father acknowledged Arjuna instead of him. As Arjuna grew in age, so did his enemies, mainly King Dhritarashtra’s eldest son, Duryodhana and his friend Anga Raj Karna (since he had no knowledge of his relation with Arjuna). 

Many consider Krishna to be Vishnu himself and many other believes that he is the avatar of Vishnu like Parashurama and Narahsimha. From the starting of time, Krishna, being the mighty avatar of Vishnu himself knew what was in the coming future, thus him choosing Arjuna is very statistic like his other strategies. 

Balinese Statue of Arjuna

The reason behind The Eighteen Days of Mahabharta War is the destroying of evil and uplifting the path of righteousness. But the cause of this war is due to the Chirharan of Panchali Draupadi. Duryodhana’s intention of stripping Draupadi in front of the entire court room of Hastinapur in the presence of all the members lead to the 12 years of Vanaprastha (a part of the Vedic ashram system, which starts when a person hands over household responsibilities to the next generation, takes an advisory role, and gradually withdraws from the world) and a year of Agyatvas (ashram system only but in disguise) for the Pandavas as well as their wife, Draupadi. There promise of coming back and waging a war against them lead to the battle of Mabharata Yudh in Kurukshetra

During this period, Shubhadra, Krishna and Balaram’s younger sister was pregnant with the child of Arjuna who as per Krishna’s prediction became the mighty Abhimanyu. His name is still known all over as the mighty and as good as his father who sacrificed his life at the tender age of 16 during the Mabharata war. Abhimanyu knew how to break the chakravyuh and enter the mid-section at such a tender age, but he didn’t know how to get out of it. The Kauravas took advantage of it and seven maharathis together killed this mighty warrior and as per the prediction, he became the real hero. During this time, Abhimanyu was married to Uttara who was carrying his child and later he became the King Parikshit, the righteous and just ruler like his father.

The reason behind all this is Pandu Putra Arjuna. If he hadn’t married Draupadi then none of the five brothers wouldn’t have married her, neither would she go through so many social stigmas nor the talk about character. The stripping off her was due to her own ego as well as Yudhishtara’s gambling. Abhimanyu’s death was because he was mighty being Arjuna and Shubhadra’s son. The knowledge of Chakravyuh given to Abhimanyu was by Arjuna himself but he forgot to teach him about freeing himself from it. Thus both of these reasons relate to Arjuna only and he with Krishna created the path of righteousness. Krishna knew since the start about all these thus he chose Arjuna because Draupadi, Abhimanyu, Karna’s hate, all pointed to Arjuna only thus he being the chosen one might be the reason. It is obviously a debatable query but still my logic and analysis points to this reason.



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