Book Review: Menaka’s Choice



By the name of the book itself, readers can guess what is it about.The story is about Menaka, the apasara, her love, betrayal, revenge, hatred, anger, lust, grief, freedom, a story about the most desired celestial beauty who hated all the glory about heaven. Lord Indra’s favorite, she was not only the most beautiful leaving Urvashi behind, but she was also the most intelligent and witty of all. Her seduction was not only through her radiant body but also through intelligence. Though she was born to seduce, but all she wanted was a FAMILY. Yes, the most dreadful desire that one can have in the entire heaven, Indralok, the want of a loving family.

Apsaras are nymphs of lust and desire, they cannot beget without love. But then, neither do they know what love is. They are not supposed to fall in love.


A name that everyone knows, Menaka, the celestial beauty, whose one glance could melt thousands of heart at once. Her delicate structure, magnificent hair, perfect toned body, her touch as delicate as a feather but the blood rush from that one touch could make a man explode, this was Menaka, the divine celestial beauty, an apsara created out of the Samudra Manthan. Her profession as an apsara was nothing different but she made it different by falling in love with a Gandharva, Vishwavasu, leaving the rules behind, she married him and had a girl named Pramadvara. Indra due to all these complexities and his attraction towards Menaka lead to the most horrid crime, he made them abandon their daughter and banished his dearest friend Vishwavasu from Indralok through false accusation leaving Menaka’s heart broken.

This is Indralok, there are gandharvas and apsaras who love and make love but never marry!


The entry of Vishwamitra was a fresh air for her. She wish to escape Heaven finally came into light when she took on the assignment of seducing Vishwamitra. Menaka was sent from heaven to earth to lure him and break his meditation. She successfully incited Vishwamitra‘s lust and passion when he saw her beauty but she genuinely fell in love with him. Knowing what she did was wrong she told the truth to Vishwamitra so that he would leave her and carry on with the meditation and achieve Brahmarishi title.When Vishwamitra realized that he had been tricked by Indra, he was enraged. But he merely cursed Menaka to be separated from him forever which became a curse for him as well as he also genuinely loved her. Their souvenir of love, Shakuntala married King Dushyanta and had a son named Bharata.

Hope is often just a consoling thought, our naive disclaimer, retracting the possibility of a certain reality that we don’t have the power to change.


Finally, to conclude, well there is nothing to conclude at the end. I finished the book and I could see the tears flowing. This book made me realize one thing, ‘when one truly loves someone, the time, grief, sacrifice, none of it matters at all. All you wish is that those minute moments should be alive.’ What Menaka did for Vishwamitra was not only she made him a better person, but also cause of her he achieved Brahmarishi title. As per me, Menaka’s true love and soulmate were Vishwamitra not Vishwavasu. Overall a mind-blowing novel, another book by Kavita Kane which made by blood rush!

Rating: star-512star-512star-512star-512star-512





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