Book Review: Tell Me Your Dreams

Title: Tell Me Your Dreams
Author: Sidney Sheldon 
Genre: Thriller
Published: 1998

Finally! Finally! After waiting for such a long time, I finally got this book, thanks to my friend for gifting it to me. My mother and my sister, both of them were literally after my life for reading this book. For them, it was the best book ever written by Sidney Sheldon and after reading it, now I know why they liked it so much.


The book starts with Ashley Peterson who works for a computer company in Silicon Valley and she is convinced that she is being stalked. Then comes Toni Prescott who is Ashley’s colleague, unlike Ashley, she is quite bold and upfront. And the third protagonist in this book is Alette Peters who is not at all like the other two, a dreamy and a romantic girl who recently shifted to California from Rome. In the early chapters of the story, few murders are committed in a very similar manner, pointing out to one suspect after all these.

All the three characters are very different for their own reason. Ashley is an introvert in nature but totally a workaholic and she always feels very lonely. Her father is a renowned Heart Surgeon whom she admires but keeps her distance as well. Now, Alette is a great artist which is totally god-gifted but she lacks confidence in herself for which she ends up going back in her cocoon. On the other hand, Toni has an amazing voice and is highly fond of music but always had a horrible relationship with her mother.

The story takes an interesting turn when the murders are pointed towards Ashley Peterson and it reveals that all these three characters are none other than Ashley herself, she is Toni as well as Alette. Later it is revealed that Ashley developed Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality due to her being sexually abused by her father during her teenage years. The personalities that developed were according to her needs. Toni is the anger which keeps on reminding her about what happened to her leading her to become murderous, whereas Alette is the motherly touch that she always wanted.

This book will definitely not let you sleep once you start it. Those who loves suspense, I will surely recommend “Tell Me Your Dreams” to them.

Rating: star-512star-512star-512star-512

P.S. image courtesy: Chobibox



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