Book Review: The Sialkot Saga


_DSC2921.jpgTitle: The Sialkot Saga
Author: Ashwin Sanghi
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Westland Publications
Edition: 2016

Lately, I have started traveling a lot for which posting on a daily basis becomes too hard. So, let’s start with the book, ‘The Sialkot Saga’ by Ashwin Sanghi attracted me from the time I heard about it from my brother. After few ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, I bought the book from Flipkart and without delaying, I started visualising myself as part of the book. Without much adieu, I will start on with the review!


The story is about the lives of two male protagonists , Arvind and Arbaaz . Both of them have their own intelligence and sense of business which gives the individuality of the two characters. The book starts from Amritsar where a train with uncountable dead bodies than alive ones travels from Sialkot during the Independence Partition times. Then jump cut to the life of these two boys, one from a Marwari family in Kolkata and the other from a Muslim family in Mumbai. Arbaaz Sheikh, a slum dweller evolves from the streets of Mumbai to become the right-hand man of the most powerful don, Abdul Dada of Mumbai. Later he replaces him and earns a position of power in politics. On the other hand, Arvind Bagadia, creates his own business with unique ideas of money-making by manipulating the share market and investment sector, which as a result gives him a great fortune in the process. Thus both of them become two of the richest and most powerful people in India. The story shuffles between Mumbai and Kolkata mainly, at times goes to the period of Ashoka where he has been discussing some secrets with his ‘unknown nine’. Being the most powerful does create a great deal of havoc in personal life as well, the story also talks about love, hatred, revenge, passion, betrayal, crime, killing, in short, it can be a really good movie.


This book describes how lives get tangled up due to personal and business rivalries, how the political and economic scenario of India across several decades affect different generations by giving different outlook which effects their decisions and actions .The best part about this book is the skilful handling of the secret known by the ancient kings which have been passed on to the modern time. This book does give away a bit of hint about both the characters, Arvind and Arbaaz, but still, the plot is very nice.

I really enjoyed this book and for all the Ashwin Sanghi fans out there, I would really recommend you to keep ‘The Sialkot Saga’ in your collection.

Rating: star-512star-512star-512star-512

P. S. image courtesy: Chobibox



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