Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Book Characters



Today I thought why not list down my Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Characters till today! After reading soo many books it becomes very hard to jot down your most loved characters without hurting others. So, here is my Top Ten List, which one is your favorite out of these?

1. Christian Grey

Without the tiniest doubt, this character from Fifty Shades Of Grey, as always been my all time favorite character. I know, I know, no one supports BDSM but if one keep that aside, then Christian Grey is a dream come true. Perfect man with his own darkness to deal with. Once you know him, you understand how amazing he is. I just couldn’t stop reading the entire series and not because of Anastasia Steel, but because of Christian Grey.Apsara Menaka

2. Apsara Menaka

When I started reading Menaka’s Choice by Kavita Kane, my god, Menaka’s beauty hooked me even though I am a girl. Her boldness, independent character, wit, intelligence, everything attracted me and I couldn’t possibly let it go.

Apsaras are nymphs of lust and desire, they cannot beget without love. But then, neither do they know what love is. They are not supposed to fall in love.


3. Anga Raj Karna

Another man of my dreams! Kunti Putra Karna, if only he was born in this century! How much pain and suffering can one go through and still be as radiant and generous as ever? Being the son of Bhagwan Surya, Karna has always been righteous and generous and the greatest human being to ever live.

4. Michael Corleone

You read this name and your mind directly travels to Al Pacino. I don’t know which one I love, the character or the actor. Either of them, I don’t care cause both are amazing.

If anything in this life is certain, if history has taught us anything, it is that you can kill anyone.


5. Dr. Carlisle Cullen

Where everyone goes crazy for Edward and Jacob, I was drooling over Dr. Carlisle from the Twilight series. This person is the perfect husband, perfect father, most respected doctor and obviously too good looking. His patience and leadership quality, his acceptance of human being and love for them even though he being a vampire, what else do you want.

6. Robert Langdon

Because of him, I took up History as my subject! Reading the books of Dan Brown, I got so interested in the mystery of history that I was absolutely sure of following his path. Especially after reading Angels and demons, I love that book.

It’s the age-old battle between mind and heart, which seldom want the same thing.

-Robert Langdon

7. Vishwamitra

With Vishwamitra you always take the name of Menaka. As a person, although he was a very aggressive and arrogant ruler but still he was a great man. His passion for things made him achieve the most impossible goal for any mankind, Brahmagyan. He was the first man to achieve Brahma Gyan and thus came to be known as Brahmarishi.

8. Shiva

Believed to be God by all and addressed as Neelkantha. His character brings out all the 32 qualities of a man written down by the Vedas. Strong willed, bold, brave, intelligent and a skilled warrior. Lord Shiva, the most attractive, charming and inspiring.

Whether a man is a legend or not is decided by history, not fortune tellers.

– Shiva

9. Feluda

For all Bengalis, a detective novel is a big part of their life and in this case, I ain’t any different. My all time favorite character in the detective world is ‘Feluda’. Be it his persona, charm, looks or intelligence, it all sums up to be wow! Satyajit Ray, the mastermind created the perfect detective who made all the Bengali girls drool over him.

10. Oliver Barrett IV

A law student, a handsome man, caring, intelligent, all the qualities that should be present in a guy was in him. Leaving everything aside, fame, money, prestige, he chose to lead a simple life pursuing his two dreams, being a lawyer and making the love of his life happy. The most heartbreaking part is when Jenny dies in his arms and he understands what true love is.

Love means never having to say you’re sorry.

– Love Story



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