Book Review: Colorful Notions, The Roadtrippers

Title: Colorful Notions, The Roadtrippers
Author: Mohit Goyal
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Srishti Publications

You go through a painful period and all you want to do is just run away and hide. There are times when you those awful period teaches you the most important lessons in life which helps you grow. These lessons become your life-long best friend and help you to face all your troubles with dignity. The book Colorful Notions, The Roadtrippers by Mohit Goyal is one such book which talks about such circumstances.


This book is about three friends: Sashank (Sasha), Abhay (Ab) and Unnati (Unns), who are in their early twenties. They manage to plan a road trip adventure all across India making it a 25 states roundabout for a period of three-three and a half month journey. Their expedition starts from Delhi and moves on to other areas including Manali, Goa, Bhangarh Fort, etc.

The Journey is filled with funny incidences, emotional situations, jealousy, love, heartbreaks and many more aspects. Unnati and Shashank’s relationship takes a toll throughout the journey, which with added spark of Abhay suffers an ending. Abhay’s love for Unnati helps him create a situation, which results in the breaking up of Sashank and Unnati’s relationship. After one point he understands his mistake and helps Sashank to gain his love back by proposing marriage to Unns. Abhay reunites with his mother and Sashank starts working on his life-long dream of opening up a halwai shop. This journey teaches them lessons about life, spiritual being, and emotional aspects.


First of all, I would like to thank TalesPensive for sending me this review copy, which I won as a part of the Reviewers Programme. To know more about such activities, register on TTP 😀

Now to continue with the book, the best thing I liked about it is the smooth writing. It has not been written in a hardcore style, rather it has been written in a much casual manner, which helps you to relate more easily. The story is very realistic and after reading this book, I understood how the youngsters behave nowadays. The fun element is maintained very beautifully and few incidents are very interesting. The situations given are so common that it feels like the book is inspired by real life events. Nothing has been exaggerated, very simple and subtle ways that make you understand about life very thoroughly. This book surely uplifts your mood and gives an adrenaline rush.

Rating: star-512star-512star-512







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