Book Review: Princess if a Whorehouse

Title: Princess of a Whorehouse
Author: Mayank Sharma
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Notion Press

My mother often used to tell me stories of her journalism days. I remember one of them were when she was doing an article on G. B Road prostitutes. Their lifestyle, tortures, necessities, pain, anger, everything, it just cannot be explained. Their life is no less than hell. Few choose themselves and rest are forced to choose. This book is about such a story.


The story begins with Ramya, Aparajita’s mother, trying hard for her daughter to get admission in a good school so that she does not have to face the hell. On the other hand, Aparajita is a tenacious, go-getter, intelligent and a brave girl who is not ashamed of her mother’s past. Ramya was being forced into prostitution after her husband dies in a land mishap accident. From Jharkhand they come to Delhi in search of work but instead, she is forced into prostitution.

Ramya gets married to raj, who is an NGO worker for her daughter who is very talent and wants to study. She was determined to do anything to keep her daughter away from flesh business and wants to give her the best of education. Later she realizes how much Raj helped both Ramya and Aparajita and how much he loved both of them.


The name Aparajita means unconquerable in Sanskrit, and she lives up to its meaning. 

The author has very subtly depicted the realistic tale of the fearsome situations faced by the sex workers in the search for a normal life even after quitting. It also restores the faith of love and finding love, when one least expects it.I n the second half, I loved the letter written by Aparajita to her stepfather.

The twists and turns make the story interesting while the simple language and flow add to its readability value. The Princess Of A Whorehouse was like a journey into the dark life of the sex workers, which was quite enlightening. After reading this book I understood how important it is to make friends who are genuine and how much important it is for a woman to be both financially and emotionally independent. These issues are very common in the rural part of the country but that’s not it, city ain’t any different. A great quick read that does make you think about the current issues.

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Rating: star-512star-512star-512star-512


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