Book Review: The Martian

Title: The Martian
Author: Andy Weir
Genre: Sci-fi Fiction
Publisher: Crown Publishing

I read this book after watching the movie. I know, I know, I have a habit of reading the book after watching the movie, but it helps me to relate to the characters, and I love movies as well, so ya! Here is what I think about the movie, and truth be told, I really liked both the movie and the book.


Mark Watney is an astronaut who goes on a mission to explore Mars with his fellow crew mates. When a fierce sandstorm causes chaos, the crew members plan to abandon the mission and leave for Earth. As the deadly sandstorm hits Mark and presuming to be dead, he is left behind by his crew members. Injured, but alive, Mark uses his intelligence and problem-solving skills to manage to and extend his days until he
is rescued by NASA.

On the other hand, on Earth, all the members of NASA, be it scientists or directors strategize to communicate with Mark and plan to get him home challenging themselves in every possible step. Little do they know, Mark’s crew is on a mission to save him themselves when they find out he is still alive. Going against the wish of NASA, the crew leave for Mars again just to get back their ‘almost dead’ colleague.


After watching the movie my Aunt bought the book as well, I was also interested in reading it and well I frankly speaking really enjoyed the book. It really inspired me and made me think how wonderfully the author described all the obstacles that one can face and how to overcome those situations. I found the book, as well as the movie very realistic and I, have watched the movie more than five times.

This book challenges your mind to think about difficult situations and how one can solve them. During the entire time, my mind was going through different calculations and ideas which were created by the main character, Mark. His humor and frustrations, wit and determination, all these pointers made him a hero and truth be told, he is a hero. This book is for those who loves complexities, mindful thinking, looking for solving problems all the time. It’s for those who loves trouble!

Rating: star-512star-512star-512star-512



2 Replies to “Book Review: The Martian”

  1. I actually haven’t seen the movie! But I know I loved the book. And I remember that as my first “NOOO” moment on NetGalley – when I knew it HAD BEEN on NetGalley and I didn’t know it would be this big or did I know to request it. Lol 😀

    I just don’t know if I found it realistic. That guy just couldn’t die 😀 he should have died ages ago! Some of the stuff I was pretty skeptical about as well, but generally, I’m a gullible reader and I do go along with where the writer’s fantasy takes me. To be fair, imaginary science or not – it was all explained well!

    Also. How can I find you on Goodreads? 🙂


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