Book Review: Blinks in Blackout

Title: Blinks in Blackout
Author: Dr. Hari Parameshwar
Genre: Fiction
Source: Review Copy
Publisher: Good Times Books Pvt

I owe this opportunity of reading this beautiful book to Dr. Hari Parameshwar. Thank you, Sir, for sending me this review copy. It really gave me a bigger horizon. I really enjoyed this book and have already recommended so many friends and family members of mine, it’s a must read according to me.


Vikram Purohit is at its peak in his professional life but his personal life has always been a roller coaster ride. His daughter, Sakshi, plans the last trip with both her father and mother before their divorce is finalized. Sakshi and his wife, Nivedita reaches Goa but Vikram misses the flight. After booking his next flight he goes back home to get ready properly but meets with an accident. Then the main story starts…..his flashbacks. He starts feeling the numbness in him due to the injuries and slowly goes into blackouts and between each blackout, his flashbacks has been portrayed. Finally, when his people look out for him, he understands what he was missing and how much he took his loved ones for granted because of his failures in different relationships.


The “Blinks in Blackout” makes one understand the importance of his inner-self. The title is absolutely bang-on, it totally justifies the basis of the book. After reading this book, I can relate to what my mother always guide me to, “following your inner self”. Vikram’s character has been described perfectly. The situation he faces makes me relate to a lot of issues I myself have faced.  The entire book has a different style of narration which really attracted me. One thing is for sure, this book makes you understand many different aspects of life, starting from professional to personal. The concept of “inner-self” and “self-realization” has been written beautifully. I really enjoyed the book and most importantly, I learned a lot.

I would like to thank Dr. Hari Parameshwar for sending me this review copy and for giving me this opportunity to understand another aspect of life.

Rating: star-512star-512star-512star-512



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