Book Review: 31 Miles

Title: 31 Miles
Author: Vinita Bakshi
Genre: Fiction
Source: Review Copy
Publisher: Rupa Publications India

I won a review copy from Chevus’Read. Follow Chevus’Read blog or their facebook page for more updates. I am glad and thankful to Vishnu Chevli for sending me this review copy. I hope you enjoy my point of view 🙂


31 Miles revolves around Mansa, who has a perfect family life and the writer has portrayed it in a proper way.  Moving to a big city does take a toll on people, same happened with Mansa when she saw her classmates have a very successful career and life, but she wasn’t one of them and then she gets into a mid-life crisis. There is a major struggle within Mansa of having everything and yet nothing.

Mansa gets her calling when she joins a cooking class and makes a lot of good friends, this also gives her a break to the mid-life crisis she was facing. Stepping forward a few months, she owns a business and in no time it becomes quite successful. A turning point comes when she becomes acquainted with a handsome man, Rajan Chopra, and in no time she slowly falls for him, now she is in a dilemma about her online and her family which slowly starts to fall apart.

How Mansa’s fate ends up making her feel all tangled up with her new found love and her “perfect” family gives a totally different outlook and creates an interesting plot to the entire story.


The author, Vinita Bakshi beautifully describes the thoughts and the psyche about a women’s mind during a mid-life crisis. One thing about this book is that it does showcase the differences between virtual life and the actual life we live in. 31 Miles does deal with how we attract or get attracted to an unknown group of people by just words and flattery.

I love the tagline of the book, “Can we ever win against ourselves?”. It’s intriguing to read how the unexpected takes place but it somewhere got predictable since the pre-climax section begun. Overall, I would say that the narration of the author did make a difference. It’s a one-time read as per me, you can see how you like it. 😀

Rating: star-512star-512star-512



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