Book Review: The Kaafir’s Love

Title: The Kaafir’s Love
Author: Abhisar Sharma
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Romance
Source: Review Copy
Publisher: Rupa Publications

Apparently, a lot of romance genre has been sprouting up left and right these days. And, although I don’t really like this particular genre, I end up receiving these books a lot. I was actually excited to read this book. Hope you all enjoy this review. Thank you so much @RupaPublications and @AbhisarSharma for sending me this review copy!!


Two dramatic incidents shake up the tenuous peace in an Old Delhi neighborhood a terrorist commits suicide in Jama Masjid and an influential trader is shot near the same spot. As summer comes to boil, age-old antagonisms surface and sharp lines are drawn. Amidst these troubled times, Sameer, a Hindu boy, falls in love with a Muslim girl, Inara. Unaware of the consequences of his love that is considered forbidden, Sameer has dragged down the rabbit hole of intolerance and as he sinks, he discovers a shocking truth a truth that shall change many lives forever.
Restless and on the edge, the Kaafir’s Love is volatile and an intense love story set against our troubled and provocative times.


The first thing that strikes when you read this book – Positivity! Romance, religion, society pressure and communism, these factors have always overpowered our existence. A beautiful thing has been done by the author Abhisar Sharma, he has created a heartwarming story that incorporates an inter-religious love story between a Hindu boy, Sameer and a Muslim girl, Inara in his new romance fiction, ‘The Kaafir’s Love’. Nowadays, there have been a lot of issues related to this inter-religion marriages, is it really that important? Don’t you think if two people, rather I would say, two families, if they understand each other, that is the whole point!

Anyhow, about the book. Starting the book, I didn’t really expect much out of it. I assumed it would be one of those typical “love story” surrounding betrayals and awkwardness. But to be honest, I felt a breath of fresh air. Because of my ‘no-interest-in-romantic-genre’, the start of the book was a little slow, but by the time I hit a few chapters, I was taken away. The storyline isn’t really original, but the twists and turns including the execution, that should get all the credit. You will find a subtle hint of the political guideline in the first half of the book but by the time the second half starts, the political angle actually becomes one of the most crucial parts.

I think the actual reason why the book became a hit was the author’s way of executing the story. Being a journalist himself, he understands the communal issues that India faces and he has beautifully played around it using his intellect and storytelling capabilities. The writing style is plain and simple thus reading it at one go isn’t difficult. A good book that shows a lot of intricate site of social issues that maneuvers a lot of happy relationships.

Ratings: 3047359147b19028bcb836ce267b24e0-star-hand-drawn-icon-56-by-vexels3047359147b19028bcb836ce267b24e0-star-hand-drawn-icon-56-by-vexels3047359147b19028bcb836ce267b24e0-star-hand-drawn-icon-56-by-vexels


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