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Maybe it’s not about the happy ending.
Maybe it’s about the story.


Why Krishna chose Arjuna

Statue of Krishna and Arjuna in Rishikesh

We all must have surely heard about the great Mahabharata. We all know that Pandu Putra Arjuna was favourite of Govind. We have grown up hearing the stories and the bravery of both of them. Arjuna’s warrior skills are said to be higher than all, no one could match him. Krishna’s strategies and upliftment of righteousness are still now being applied in our life. But the question arises, why was Arjuna the chosen one?

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Feels amazing to be back! Realizations, being positive, faith & belief!

Hola all!


Well it has been a loooong while since I have posted any blog. Things have been going pretty crazy lately and being stuck with the craziness I couldn’t get the proper time to write anything. So sorry for that, I hope I will be able to catch up 🙂

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