Book Review: Irina’s Eye

Title: Irina’s Eye
Author: H.W. Freedman
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary
Source: Review Copy
Publisher: Lulu


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Book Review: Chanakya (Itihas Series 1)

Title: Chanakya (Itihas Series 1)
Author: Ashok. K Banker
Genre: Historical Fiction, Fiction
Source: Review Copy
Publisher: Westland Publications

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Book Review: The Mulberry Courtesan

Title: The Mulberry Courtesan
Author: Sikeena Karmali
Genre: Fiction, Contemporary
Source: Review Copy
Publisher: Aleph Book Company

When I opened my #bookmail package and saw the publishers name – Aleph Book Company, I was shocked, and then when I saw the book, I was on cloud number nine! I had no idea about it and it took me by surprise. Oh, my dear lord, I was waiting for an opportune moment to read this book, but I couldn’t wait any longer. Read on to see what I actually think about this book, The Mulberry Courtesan by Sikeena Karmali! Continue reading “Book Review: The Mulberry Courtesan”

Book Review: The Secret Sculptures

Title: The Secret Sculptures
Author: Monika Thakur
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Mythology, History
Source: Review Copy
Publisher: Notion Press


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Book Review: Love and Marriage in Mumbai

Title: Love and Marriage In Mumbai
Author: Elizabeth Flock 
Genre: Contemporary, Fiction
Source: Review Copy
Publisher: Bloomsbury India

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I received this book from #BloomsburyIndia and oh my my! When you want to pick up an interesting read, this is the one. Read on and see what I think about! 😀

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