Book Tag: 5 Books I’m DYING to read


I must say, this Book Tag was long awaited. I have been planning to write something like this and after being tagged by AvalinahsBooks (she is an amaaazing person, the most supportive and she is so appreciative of the effort put by all the book lovers out there) I knew I had to list down my Top 5. One should know, for any true book lovers, choosing a list of just 5 books is very, very, very, hard! Still, I tried my best, so here is my list 😀 Continue reading “Book Tag: 5 Books I’m DYING to read”


Book Tag: Playing with your Emotions


After a very long time, I am publishing a post, all thanks to my finals month! The final year is over, exams went well, now it’s time to focus on my work completely. So to start with I thought now is the time when I can finally read the piles of books I need to review, the authors are going crazy, websites are asking and I am here waiting to get a tiny bit free. Finally, I am! A wohooo! So let’s start with my first post after such a long time 😀 Continue reading “Book Tag: Playing with your Emotions”

The “Big Book” Tag

How does it work?…

1. Pick out the 5 biggest books you have read from your shelves.

2. Pick out 2 of the biggest books you have not read from your shelves.

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Book I should read this Winter as per BUZZFEED!


Since I always have a hard time in choosing my next book, Buzzfeed made it easier! So according to this quiz, I’ll be able to choose my next book after answering few questions. What do I have to loose! Let’s get started 😀

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