Book Review: The Tree With a Thousand Apples

Title: The Tree With a Thousand Apples
Author: Sanchit Gupta
Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Niyogi Books
Source: Review Copy

I am so grateful to Vinfluencers for sending me this beautiful review copy. The Tree With a Thousand Apples by Sanchit Gupta, this book has made me go back in time and I have learned so much regarding life situations. I hope you enjoy the review as much as I liked reading the book. Continue reading “Book Review: The Tree With a Thousand Apples”


Book Review: Sunshine Town

Title: Sunshine Town
Author: Maniissh Arora
Genre: Young Adult Fiction (YA)
Publisher: Peacock Books
Source: Review Copy

First of all, I would love to thank the author Maniissh Arora for this review copy. It surely is an interesting book and I really liked the entire concept. I mean who wouldn’t like a YA fiction based in Varanasi during the 90s. I got hooked on the storyline and instantly agreed to review this book. I hope you guys are going to get a little fascinated. Read on to see whether our minds match or not! Continue reading “Book Review: Sunshine Town”

Book Review: The Temple Bar Woman

Title: The Temple Bar Woman
Author: Sujata Parashar
Genre: Fiction
Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications
Source: Review Copy

Writersmelon Continue reading “Book Review: The Temple Bar Woman”

Book Review: 8 Hours

8 Hours

Title: 8 Hours
Author: Upendra Nimburi
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
Publisher: Westland Publications
Source: Review Copy Continue reading “Book Review: 8 Hours”

Book Review: And Then There Were Crows

And then there were crows

Title: And Then There Were Crows
Author: Alcy Leyva
Genre: Sci-fi, Fiction
Publisher: Black Spot Books
Source: ARC Review Copy


New York City has always been a big fat sack of stress for Amanda Grey. From turning herself into knots to evade rubbing ass cheeks with strangers on the train to round-housing public bathroom door handles to stave off plague contaminations, Grey has always found the simple technique of avoidance best in dealing with NYC. Luckily, the one-bedroom apartment in Queens she shares with her parents has always served as a refuge from a world that’s too loud and too bright for Amanda Grey. Continue reading “Book Review: And Then There Were Crows”