Merry christmas!


Writer’s Hub :p

All the humans and animals living on this planet earth plus any other planet as well, WISH YOU A MEERRRY CHHHRISTMAAAAAS!!

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Movie Time, Miss Marple!



Movie: Miss Marple, By the Pricking of my Thumbs

The day before last night, I got free from work soon so we came back home early. It was late to go out but it was too early to sleep as well so we all decided to watch a classic movie which we haven’t seen yet. So we chose, Miss Marple, Pricking my Thumb. 

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Being a Bengali, a curse or a boon?

Since I was little, whenever I used to say that I am Bengali, ever one used to say “Oh! Roshogolla, very creative people you are!” and I used to think why would they say something like that. As I grew up, I started working and my interest grew mostly towards art. media, writing, etc. I started focusing on photography and my writing all the more, working under my mother, doing internships, blah blah. Now when I think about those people, it’s difficult to say whether they were right or wrong.

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