Review Policy

So what do I do on my blog!
Let me start with my usual things, I post reviews about a lot of books, be it the books I buy or the books I receive. With the book reviews, I also post book tags, recommendations and even hauls. So after the basics are over, I would like to tell you what I exactly do with my posts. My writing style I keep it very simple since I being a marketing person, I do understand what sort of review a person would like to read. Although, we book bloggers are highly creative and imaginative for which we tend to write something out-of-the-box but that generally won’t help with the mass since they want simplicity! I love being a part of this amazing community as this field has given me a sense of amazement and I love it. I would love to continue doing this and make the most out of it! To make it simple, I have jotted down few of the pointers to be kept in mind.

First of all, each and every book reviewed on Bewitchinglyparanoid are personally bought by me, won in a giveaway, borrowed from the library/a friend, or received from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Feel like contacting me for a review, click here!

Genres I review: 


  • literary fiction
  • historical fiction
  • women’s fiction
  • romance (very picky!)
  • mystery/thriller
  • historical fiction


  • contemporary/realistic YA
  • YA science fiction (very picky about this)
  • YA mystery
  • YA fantasy
  • YA historical fiction

Genres I don’t review:

I preferably don’t like reading much of Non-fiction unless it is a biography or an autobiography and otherwise I don’t accept graphic novels and children books.

What to expect:

My reviews are completely honest, what I feel about the writing style, the cover, the storyline, they are totally my point of views. This obviously means that if I am not in favor of a particular book, then a negative review is due although this is my point of view, so no hard feelings to be taken. Intend of my review is not to harm any author, therefore I always try to do my best to never hurt any author or their work. I recommend getting a feel for what I read by taking a look at my review archive. I do read quite a variety of things but these are the genres I typically read.

Also, I charge for reviews and spotlights. Once the payment has been made and I have received the book, the review will be up within 15 days. In case of spotlights/features only, the post will be up within a few days of the complete payment being made.

In addition to reviews, what else are you open to?

– author interviews: typically I only interview authors that I’m familiar with.
 giveaways: I will only post a giveaway of a book I have read or am anticipating to read!
– exclusive cover reveals: With this, it has to be for an author I’ve read or a book I’m excited about. I say exclusive because I do not want to be one of 100 bloggers revealing on the same day