GAME OF THRONES READATHON TBR | #bewitchinglyparanoidGOTreadathon

Look what I have here. I am so happy to announce that I am hosting an amazing readathon of none other than, #gameofthrones! I have always wanted to host something like this and thanks to Harper Collins India, here comes the amazing chance. Super excited! So, Harper Collins India sent me the gorgeous copy of #FireandBlood (screaming)!!

So details of the readathon:

TBR video/post: 15th December, 2018
Starting date: 20th December 2018
Ending date: 20th January 2019
Wrap up: 22nd January 2019

Please use the hashtag: | bewitchinglyparanoidGOTreadathon |

Books Mentioned –

➳ A Song of Ice and Fire :
➳ Game of Thrones:
➳ A Clash of Kings:
➳ A Storm of Swords (1):
➳ A Feast for Crows:
➳ A Dance with Dragons:
➳ Fire and Blood :



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